Kiplinger’s Top 25 Income Investments

A Kiplinger Special Report

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Special Report

Earn as much as 10% cash yield a year right now — and stay well ahead of the pack no matter which way the economy goes from here.

The fact is, there's always something working to generate cash in any kind of market. This Kiplinger Special Report will show you how to collect high portfolio income safely and reliably, year in and year out, in any economic climate.

Best of all, every one of the cash-boosting picks revealed in the Kiplinger Income 25 will be:

  • Liquid, easy to buy and sell and easily converted to cash,
  • Buyable directly by you, often online,
  • Uncomplicated and easy to understand without a professional financial background,
  • Publicly traded — no under-the-table deals available only to a few insiders, and
  • Unrestricted and free of minimum wealth requirements or other special stipulations.

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