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13 Expensive Products Worth Every Penny

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Ever wonder why certain brands cost so much? Prestige is one factor. Owning a pricey product from a coveted maker carries cachet. People know it and aspire to it. If money is no object, by all means load up on all the high-end brands that make you happy.

But money is an object to most of us, and trying to keep up with the Joneses is a sure-fire way to squander yours. As such, your decision to invest in an expensive item should also factor in quality and value, says Bobbi Rebell, a certified financial planner and host of the Financial Grownup podcast. Is there a true difference in the construction and functionality of the product, compared to a cheaper alternative, to justify the high price tag? Equally important, does the brand stand behind what it sells?


Items purchased from high-end brands, generally speaking, tend to be better constructed from higher quality materials, and return policies and warranties tend to be more customer-friendly. But not always. We asked several shopping experts to share their top picks for pricey goods that are worth every penny. Here's what they had to say.

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