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10 Companies Already Hurt by President Trump's Tariffs

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If steep tariffs on goods imported into the United States are only part of a negotiating tactic from President Donald Trump, he certainly has committed to his bluff. Trump’s tariffs – the first of which went into effect in early July and prompted an immediate, equivalent response from America’s trade partners, including China – have been left in place long enough to start taking a measurable toll on American bottom lines.

Most consumers and even most investors have yet to see or feel their impact. Despite the relatively civil trade war thus far, the global economy is robust, driving overall corporate earnings upward. Workers are enjoying their recent pay raises.


Time is working against certain businesses, however. The ripple effect stemming from the initial victims’ struggle could take weeks if not months to be fully felt on other fronts. And new tariffs are being imposed. It will take weeks and/or months to feel their full impact as well, even as those outfits start to feel the early ripples.

Still, more than a few major publicly traded stocks have already taken hits related to Trump’s tariffs (and other countries’ retaliatory measures). Here are 10 companies that already have run into trade-war headwinds.

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Data is as of Sept. 13, 2018.


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