14 Nasdaq-100 ETFs and Mutual Funds to Buy

The QQQ is the best-known of the Nasdaq-100 ETFs that invests in the popular index. But several other funds are at your disposal, too.

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Forget the Dow. Forget the S&P 500. If you're looking for the major index with the most pep in its performance step, look to the Nasdaq-100 – and the growing number of Nasdaq-100 ETFs and mutual funds that allow you to enjoy in the index's fortunes.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average was for decades America's premier stock index – the favored proxy of domestic industry. Over time, it was eventually eclipsed by the S&P 500, which, by virtue of tracking 500 companies instead of the Dow's mere 30, was able to cover a wider array of firms and better represent the spectrum of U.S. business.

But from a pure return perspective, both have largely played second fiddle to the tech-heavy Nasdaq-100.

The Nasdaq-100 Index, which began in 1985, is a select slice of the larger Nasdaq Composite's 100 largest nonfinancial companies. It has long been dominated by the best tech stocks, with technology currently accounting for roughly half the fund's assets. However, it also holds healthy slugs of high-growth communication services stocks and consumer discretionary plays.

And while the Nasdaq-100 Index is in a short-term slump, it has been a monster outperformer over the long run. The Nasdaq-100 Index has delivered a 418% total return during the past decade, easily outdoing the Dow (+230%), S&P 500 (+251%) – even the broader Nasdaq Composite (338%).

The folks over at investment management company Invesco (IVZ) are surely loving it. They're the provider of the Invesco QQQ Trust (QQQ) ETF, which has allowed investors to take advantage of those rapid gains for decades – and whose assets have exploded from $30 billion to a hair over $160 billion over that time.

The popularity of the QQQ has spawned several related equal-weight, inverse and leveraged products over the years. And more recently, Invesco has leveraged the QQQ's success into a number of related investment products tied to the fund (more on those in a moment).

Read on as we examine 14 of the best Nasdaq-100 ETFs and mutual funds. A few of these funds are a direct play on the index itself, while the rest are various ways of slicing, dicing and even amplifying the Nasdaq-100.


Data is as of Feb. 17.

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