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How 10 Types of Retirement Income Get Taxed

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When you’re planning for retirement, it’s fun to contemplate all the cruises, rounds of golf, and restaurant meals you have ahead of you. You've earned it!

Unfortunately, many retirees discover too late that the fun times have to be curtailed by 10%, 15% or more — the cumulative impact of federal and state taxes on withdrawals from their nest eggs. Indeed, most forms of retirement income — including Social Security benefits, as well as withdrawals from your 401(k)s and traditional IRAs — are taxed by Uncle Sam. And unless you live in one of seven states with no income taxes at all, you can expect your home state to ding you in retirement as well.


"Finding tax-efficient investments is the key to successfully saving for retirement," says financial planner Carlos Dias Jr. of Excel Tax & Wealth Group.

Take a look at the tax bills you're likely to face on your sources of retirement income.

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