13 Great Things to Buy on Sale After the Holidays

The blizzard of sales that hits every holiday season may have come to an end.

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The blizzard of sales that hits every holiday season may have come to an end. But you can still catch a flurry of deals throughout the rest of the year. And certain items are particularly well priced right after Christmas.

That's part of why it's a good idea to keep your holiday shopping in mind all year long, even when you're still just recovering from this past year's festive frenzy. Since you pretty much know who will be on your list for gift giving, you can come up with ideas for them at any time of year and pick up their gifts when you find a good deal—no matter when that might be. "If shoppers are savvy enough, they can time their spending throughout the calendar year so they hit as many of these sale seasons as possible, which can lead to big savings," says Courtney Jespersen, consumer savings expert at personal finance site NerdWallet.

Here are 13 items that shopping experts say you will be better off purchasing at other times of the year.

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