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Great Places to Retire in Every State


Picking the best place to retire isn't easy. Retirement desires run the gamut, from beach villas to big-city condos, from lakeside cabins to wine-country retreats. In a bid to offer something for everyone, we picked 50 great places to retire—one per state—to ensure a diverse mix of choices.

In selecting a great place to retire in each state, we weighed several factors. Some were financial, such as typical living costs for retirees—health care costs in particular—and taxes. Others involved lifestyle, from the availability of things to do to the number of retirement-age people close by to do things with. We also considered safety and access to quality health care. Take a look at our 50 picks. One is bound to fit your idea of the perfect place to retire.


Estimates of living costs for retirees, where available, come from the Council for Community and Economic Research. Populations and median home values are from the U.S. Census Bureau. Estimates of states' average lifetime health care costs during retirement for couples retiring at 65 are from HealthView Services. Tax rankings are based on Kiplinger's Retiree Tax Map, which divides states into five categories: Most Tax-Friendly, Tax-Friendly, Mixed, Not Tax-Friendly and Least Tax-Friendly. Crime statistics are from the FBI. Retirement destinations are listed in alphabetical order by state.


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