8 Risky Stocks That Could Make You Rich

Want big returns?

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Want big returns? Take on big risks. So goes the inescapable calculus of investing. With so many investors focused on safety and income these days, we decided to take a contrarian approach by looking for risky companies that have the potential to deliver big payoffs.

We’ve identified eight risky stocks that we believe are worth the risk. Several of these companies, we feel, have the potential to be game-changers in their industries—the proverbial “next Google.” But in exchange for the possibility of a big payoff down the road, investors must be content forgoing profits for the time being (only one of our picks pays a dividend). Others on the list are already profitable and show great potential, but come with other unusual or notable risks. Consider stashing a small portion of your play money into each of these names, then ignoring them for a few years. Chances are not all will succeed. But the one or two (or more) winners on the list could win big.


All prices and returns are through September 9. Price-earnings ratios are based on estimated earnings over the next four quarters. Sales are for the past four quarters.

Elizabeth Leary
Contributing Editor, Kiplinger's Personal Finance
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