8 Dividend Consumer Stocks to Buy for Income & Growth

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Consumer stocks have been a mixed bag for investors in this bear market.

On the one hand, consumer staples, which provide life's necessities, have held up far better than the broader market as Americans stock up for what could be weeks spent indoors. But consumer discretionary stocks – companies selling clothes, burgers and cars – have been every bit as bad as the S&P 500, if not worse.

But there are several consumer stocks to buy on both sides of the aisle now: staples that should continue to perform well as long as the outbreak keeps a grip on the country, as well as discretionary plays that have been knocked down into value status and have higher yields – and higher upside potential when the economy rebounds – as a result.

Here are eight large-cap consumer stocks to buy for income and growth. These companies boast varied mixes of dividend and upside potential. Some of them are bounce-back plays, while others are steady Eddies that investors can hold to protect against additional market declines. However, all of them have seen their dividend yields become at least a little richer over the past few weeks.


Data is as of March 24. Dividend yields are calculated by annualizing the most recent payout and dividing by the share price.

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