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49 Companies Amazon Could Destroy (And 1 It Already Has)

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You would think e-commerce and cloud computing giant (AMZN), after 20 years of unfettered growth, would have run out of room to pump up its top line. But the company continues to choose new opportunities. Amazon is willing to try its hand at almost any sort of business, does well at the bulk of them – and threatens to destroy dozens of other companies with its success.

The latest foray into unfamiliar territory? The June acquisition of PillPack turns Amazon into a mail-order pharmacy, with a twist. PillPack packs all pills it dispenses into individual bags, each with a unique time and date to be consumed by the customer.


That’s not Amazon’s first venture outside its space. Amazon’s also a grocer, a fashion venue, a peddler of handmade crafts and even a video game developer, just to name a few.

As a result, Amazon has become at best a headache, at worst a survival threat, for any rival organization in its past. Indeed, in November, we tallied up 32 companies that looked like potential victims of Amazon’s never-ending expansion. Today, we’re looking at 49 companies Amazon could kill – a few updates of the original list, but also an alarming number of new outfits that have fallen into Amazon’s crosshairs – as well as one confirmed kill.

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