The 100 Most Popular Mutual Funds for 401(k) Retirement Savings

These mutual funds have the most assets under management in 401(k) workplace retirement plans.

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There's no denying the importance and popularity of 401(k)s for retirement savers. Americans have $7.3 trillion invested in these tax-deferred workplace savings accounts, according to the Investment Company Institute, and there are roughly 60 million active 401(k) participants.

BrightScope (opens in new tab), a financial-information company that rates retirement-savings plans, compiled for Kiplinger this list of the 100 most popular mutual funds in 401(k) plans based on funds' 401(k) assets under management.

Here is the list of the top 100 mutual funds for your 401(k) retirement savings. All figures are as of April, 30, 2022.

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RankFund NameSymbolFund TypeAnnualized
Expense ratio
1Vanguard Institutional IndexVINIX (opens in new tab)Large Blend0.1813.8213.6313.640.04
2Fidelity 500 IndexFXAIX (opens in new tab)Large Blend0.2013.8313.65113.660.02
3American Funds EuroPacific GrowthAEPGX (opens in new tab)EAFE-19.384.165.306.160.82
4Vanguard Total Bond Market IndexVBTLX (opens in new tab)Short/Intermediate Government Bonds-8.650.361.171.680.05
5Vanguard 500 IndexVFIAX (opens in new tab)Large Blend0.1713.8113.8113.620.04
6Fidelity ContrafundFCNTX (opens in new tab)Large-Growth U.S. Equities-9.5912.4714.3313.730.81
7Vanguard PRIMECAPVPMCX (opens in new tab)Large Blend-5.1011.8613.1815.050.38
8Dodge & Cox StockDODGX (opens in new tab)Large-Value U.S. Equities0.7112.5411.4213.500.51
9Vanguard Mid Capitalization IndexVIMAX (opens in new tab)Mid Cap U.S. Equities-4.5411.1110.8612.060.05
10Vanguard WellingtonVWELX (opens in new tab)Moderate Allocation-3.218.338.509.130.24
11Vanguard Target Retirement 2030VTHRX (opens in new tab)Moderate Allocation-6.786.617.168.030.08
12Vanguard Target Retirement 2025VTTVX (opens in new tab)Conservative Allocation-6.695.976.657.430.08
13Vanguard Total International Stock IndexVTIAX (opens in new tab)EAFE-10.534.494.945.310.11
14Vanguard Small Cap IndexVSMAX (opens in new tab)Small Cap U.S. Equities-11.208.679.2511.250.05
15Vanguard Target Retirement 2035VTTHX (opens in new tab)Moderate Allocation-6.617.297.778.640.08
16Vanguard Total Stock Market IndexVTSAX (opens in new tab)Large Blend-3.3613.0112.9613.240.04
17American Funds Growth Fund of AmericaAGTHX (opens in new tab)Large-Growth U.S. Equities-13.2311.9012.9713.580.61
18PIMCO Total ReturnPTTAX (opens in new tab)Short/Intermediate Government Bonds-9.030.401.151.790.81
19Vanguard Target Retirement 2040VFORX (opens in new tab)Moderate Allocation-6.527.968.389.140.08
20T. Rowe Price Blue Chip GrowthTRBCX (opens in new tab)Large-Growth U.S. Equities-18.978.2513.2513.940.69
21MetWest Total Return BondMWTRX (opens in new tab)Short/Intermediate Government Bonds-9.310.631.322.340.67
22Vanguard Extended Market IndexVEXAX (opens in new tab)Mid-Growth U.S. Equities-18.848.689.3311.170.06
23Vanguard Target Retirement 2020VTWNX (opens in new tab)Conservative Allocation-5.975.355.916.770.08
24Fidelity Freedom 2030FFFEX (opens in new tab)Moderate Allocation-7.737.167.447.980.67
25Vanguard Target Retirement 2045VTIVX (opens in new tab)Aggressive Allocation-6.408.658.899.440.08
26Fidelity Growth CompanyFDGRX (opens in new tab)Large-Growth U.S. Equities-14.2720.6320.2017.530.79
27T. Rowe Price Retirement 2030TRRCX (opens in new tab)Moderate Allocation-7.547.637.978.810.58
28Fidelity Freedom 2025FFTWX (opens in new tab)Conservative Allocation-7.646.416.617.240.63
29Vanguard Target Retirement 2050VFIFX (opens in new tab)Aggressive Allocation-6.378.738.949.460.08
30Harbor Capital AppreciationHCAIX (opens in new tab)Large-Growth U.S. Equities-17.9212.6115.5014.061.01
31American Funds American BalancedABALX (opens in new tab)Moderate Allocation-1.727.998.179.120.56
32Fidelity Freedom 2040FFFFX (opens in new tab)Moderate Allocation-
33Fidelity Freedom 2035FFTHX (opens in new tab)Moderate Allocation-8.008.408.458.840.72
34Fidelity US Bond IndexFXNAX (opens in new tab)Short/Intermediate Government Bonds-8.560.371.161.700.03
35Vanguard Windsor IIVWNFX (opens in new tab)Large-Value U.S. Equities-0.8113.4311.6111.800.34
36Vanguard International GrowthVWIGX (opens in new tab)EAFE-28.728.7210.409.140.43
37Fidelity Freedom 2020FFFDX (opens in new tab)Conservative Allocation-7.365.846.106.550.59
38Fidelity Extended Market IndexFSMAX (opens in new tab)Mid-Growth U.S. Equities-18.838.659.3411.130.04
39American Funds 2030 Target Date RetirementAAETX (opens in new tab)Moderate Allocation-5.507.297.698.870.66
40Dodge & Cox IncomeDODIX (opens in new tab)Short/Intermediate Government Bonds-7.681.552.202.790.41
41T. Rowe Price Retirement 2040TRRDX (opens in new tab)Moderate Allocation-8.738.598.889.650.60
42Dodge & Cox International StockDODFX (opens in new tab)EAFE-4.134.693.545.930.62
43Vanguard Growth IndexVIGAX (opens in new tab)Large-Growth U.S. Equities-8.3216.0816.1014.790.05
44MFS ValueMEIAX (opens in new tab)Large-Value U.S. Equities0.539.279.0310.980.80
45T. Rowe Price Retirement 2025TRRHX (opens in new tab)Conservative Allocation-6.767.117.408.200.55
46T. Rowe Price Large Cap Growth ITRLGX (opens in new tab)Large-Growth U.S. Equities-17.2911.6215.5515.380.56
47Vanguard Developed Markets IndexVTMGX (opens in new tab)EAFE-8.795.
48T. Rowe Price Growth StockPRGFX (opens in new tab)Large-Growth U.S. Equities-21.118.6112.1613.280.64
49T. Rowe Price Retirement 2020TRRBX (opens in new tab)Conservative Allocation-6.266.446.737.480.53
50T. Rowe Price Mid-Cap GrowthRPMGX (opens in new tab)Mid-Growth U.S. Equities-13.488.0311.0412.640.73
51American Funds 2025 Target Date RetirementAADTX (opens in new tab)Conservative Allocation-4.616.656.858.020.64
52Vanguard Equity-IncomeVEIPX (opens in new tab)Large-Value U.S. Equities7.5211.3210.9411.910.28
53T. Rowe Price Retirement 2035TRRJX (opens in new tab)Moderate Allocation-
54American Funds Washington MutualAWSHX (opens in new tab)Large Blend5.9811.9412.1712.410.58
55American Funds 2035 Target Date RetirementAAFTX (opens in new tab)Moderate Allocation-6.378.398.869.620.67
56American Funds New PerspectiveANWPX (opens in new tab)World Equity-11.5811.7412.1511.560.72
57Fidelity Freedom 2045FFFGX (opens in new tab)Aggressive Allocation-
58American Funds 2040 Target Date RetirementAAGTX (opens in new tab)Moderate Allocation-7.168.819.279.920.68
59Fidelity BalancedFBALX (opens in new tab)Moderate Allocation-4.2411.4110.6110.110.51
60Vanguard Value IndexVVIAX (opens in new tab)Large-Value U.S. Equities5.9011.0010.9412.270.05
61Fidelity Freedom 2050FFFHX (opens in new tab)Aggressive Allocation-
62Fidelity International IndexFSPSX (opens in new tab)EAFE-8.854.214.695.820.04
63Fidelity Blue Chip GrowthFBGRX (opens in new tab)Large-Growth U.S. Equities-15.5717.6918.8516.860.79
64PGIM Total Return BondPDBAX (opens in new tab)Short/Intermediate Government Bonds-8.730.301.492.580.76
65Vanguard Target Retirement 2055VFFVX (opens in new tab)Aggressive Allocation-6.378.728.939.440.08
66T. Rowe Price New HorizonsPRNHX (opens in new tab)Mid-Growth U.S. Equities-27.3810.0514.8615.050.75
67Vanguard Institutional Total Stock Market IndexVITNX (opens in new tab)Large Blend-3.3313.0412.9913.280.03
68Vanguard Balanced IndexVBIAX (opens in new tab)Moderate Allocation-5.318.218.468.730.07
69T. Rowe Price Retirement 2045TRRKX (opens in new tab)Aggressive Allocation-8.838.959.179.820.62
70American Funds 2020 Target Date RetirementAACTX (opens in new tab)Conservative Allocation-3.465.876.006.990.64
71iShares S&P 500 IndexBSPAX (opens in new tab)Large Blend-0.1413.4613.2813.260.35
72T. Rowe Price Retirement 2050TRRMX (opens in new tab)Aggressive Allocation-8.888.969.189.820.63
73Janus Henderson EnterpriseJAENX (opens in new tab)Mid-Growth U.S. Equities-8.269.9013.3413.630.91
74Fidelity Diversified InternationalFDIVX (opens in new tab)EAFE-12.006.756.036.871.01
75American Funds 2045 Target Date RetirementAAHTX (opens in new tab)Aggressive Allocation-7.628.859.3710.020.68
76Vanguard Inflation-Protected SecuritiesVIPSX (opens in new tab)TIPS0.485.163.652.080.20
77Fidelity Low-Priced StockFLPSX (opens in new tab)Mid-Value U.S. Equities-1.2012.3310.2410.970.65
78Vanguard ExplorerVEXPX (opens in new tab)Small-Growth U.S. Equities-14.6410.3912.7912.440.40
79MainStay Winslow Large Cap GrowthMLINX (opens in new tab)Large-Growth U.S. Equities-12.7912.3315.5313.531.08
80Invesco Developing MarketsODMAX (opens in new tab)Emerging Markets-31.11-3.431.592.171.20
81Fidelity Total Market IndexFSKAX (opens in new tab)Large Blend-3.3512.9812.9313.210.02
82Vanguard Target Retirement 2015VTXVX (opens in new tab)Conservative Allocation-5.604.214.835.750.08
83American Funds 2050 Target Date RetirementAALTX (opens in new tab)Aggressive Allocation-8.348.749.3510.020.69
84Fidelity PuritanFPURX (opens in new tab)Moderate Allocation-3.8710.8310.289.880.51
85Fidelity Mid Cap IndexFSMDX (opens in new tab)Mid Cap U.S. Equities-6.1310.4810.6511.970.03
86JPMorgan Large Cap GrowthOLGAX (opens in new tab)Large-Growth U.S. Equities-11.0518.0619.6115.250.94
87Vanguard Real Estate IndexVGSLX (opens in new tab)Real Estate7.789.898.708.920.12
88Vanguard Target Retirement IncomeVTINX (opens in new tab)Conservative Allocation-5.663.864.224.440.08
89Schwab S&P 500 IndexSWPPX (opens in new tab)Large Blend0.1913.8213.6313.600.02
90American Funds Fundamental InvestorsANCFX (opens in new tab)Large Blend-4.3710.2010.6812.150.59
91Vanguard US GrowthVWUSX (opens in new tab)Large-Growth U.S. Equities-23.8011.8014.9614.100.38
92JPMorgan Mid Cap ValueJAMCX (opens in new tab)Mid-Value U.S. Equities0.489.048.1010.621.14
93JPMorgan SmartRetirement 2030JSMAX (opens in new tab)Moderate Allocation-8.055.316.077.290.85
94Fidelity Small Cap IndexFSSNX (opens in new tab)Small Cap U.S. Equities-16.896.787.3410.210.03
95JPMorgan SmartRetirement 2025JNSAX (opens in new tab)Conservative Allocation-7.894.565.226.520.84
96Vanguard Wellesley IncomeVWINX (opens in new tab)Moderate Allocation-2.835.425.696.310.23
97JPMorgan Equity IncomeOIEIX (opens in new tab)Large-Value U.S. Equities4.2710.5010.8211.480.96
98Vanguard Short-Term Bond IndexVBIRX (opens in new tab)Total Bond Market-5.090.661.091.130.07
99MassMutual Mid Cap GrowthMEFAX (opens in new tab)Mid-Growth U.S. Equities-14.997.5910.4511.871.20
100Fidelity Freedom Index 2030FXIFX (opens in new tab)Moderate Allocation-6.986.537.407.630.12

* The dollar amounts represent funds' total assets under management held both within 401(k) plans and outside of 401(k)s, according to Morningstar. BrightScope ranked the funds by assets under management held in 401(k)s only, but it did not disclose the precise amounts for proprietary reasons.

Sources: BrightScope, Morningstar

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