The 100 Most Popular Mutual Funds for 401(k) Retirement Savings

These funds have the most assets under management in 401(k) workplace retirement plans

There's no denying the importance and popularity of 401(k)s for retirement savers. Americans have $6.3 trillion invested in these tax-deferred workplace savings accounts, according to the Investment Company Institute, and there are more than 58 million active 401(k) participants.

BrightScope, a financial-information company that rates retirement-savings plans, compiled for Kiplinger this list of the 100 most popular mutual funds in 401(k) plans based on funds' 401(k) assets under management.

Here is the list of the top 100 mutual funds for your 401(k) retirement savings. All figures are as of Oct. 7, 2020.

RankFund NameSymbol

Fund Type

Annualized Total Return


Annualized Total Return


Annualized Total Return


Annualized Total Return


1Vanguard Institutional IndexVINIXLarge Blend16.0211.7813.4113.520.04
2Fidelity 500 IndexFXAIXLarge Blend16.0311.7913.43 0.02
3American Funds Europacific GrowthAEPGXEAFE16.815.458.146.270.84
4Vanguard Total Bond Market IndexVBTLXShort/Intermediate Government Bonds5.995.244.103.510.05
5Fidelity ContrafundFCNTXLarge-Growth U.S. Equities34.2217.5917.1615.370.85
6Vanguard 500 IndexVFIAXLarge Blend16.0011.7613.4013.510.04
7Vanguard PRIMECAPVPMCXLarge-Growth U.S. Equities16.6110.7214.3214.570.38
8Vanguard WellingtonVWELXModerate Allocation8.447.989.449.460.25
9Vanguard Mid Cap IndexVIMAXMid Cap U.S. Equities10.398.2910.1512.080.05
10Dodge & Cox StockDODGXLarge-Value U.S. Equities1.202.738.4010.940.52
11Vanguard Target Retirement 2025VTTVXConservative Allocation9.806.828.168.250.13
12Vanguard Target Retirement 2030VTHRXModerate Allocation10.356.978.598.710.14
13Vanguard Total Intl Stock IndexVTIAXEAFE5.801.455.62 0.11
14Vanguard Small Cap IndexVSMAXSmall Cap U.S. Equities6.705.339.0911.260.05
15American Funds Growth Fund of AmericaAGTHXLarge-Growth U.S. Equities32.6716.0016.2514.520.65
16PGIM Total Return BondPDBAXShort/Intermediate Government Bonds4.715.274.834.620.76
17Vanguard Target Retirement 2035VTTHXModerate Allocation10.857.
18Vanguard Total Stock Mkt IndexVTSAXLarge Blend16.6211.3813.1113.370.04
19Vanguard Target Retirement 2020VTWNXConservative Allocation9.006.487.557.690.13
20Metropolitan West Total Return BondMWTRXShort/Intermediate Government Bonds6.905.574.164.300.68
21Vanguard Extended Market IndexVEXAXMid Cap U.S. Equities18.188.8211.3612.380.06
22Vanguard Target Retirement 2040VFORXModerate Allocation11.287.199.409.450.14
23Fidelity Freedom 2030FFFEXModerate Allocation11.906.819.058.350.68
24T. Rowe Price Blue Chip GrowthTRBCXLarge-Growth U.S. Equities36.2719.9219.4717.920.69
25Fidelity Growth CompanyFDGRXLarge-Growth U.S. Equities67.9026.7924.5420.340.83
26T. Rowe Price Retirement 2030TRRCXModerate Allocation11.
27Vanguard Target Retirement 2045VTIVXAggressive Allocation11.747.249.569.540.15
28Fidelity Freedom 2025FFTWXConservative Allocation10.996.468.207.790.65
29Fidelity Freedom 2020FFFDXConservative Allocation10.276.237.807.200.60
30American Funds American BalancedABALXModerate Allocation9.387.479.019.690.59
31T. Rowe Price Retirement 2025TRRHXConservative Allocation10.466.858.728.830.61
32T. Rowe Price Retirement 2020TRRBXConservative Allocation9.516.488.108.200.57
33Vanguard Windsor IIVWNFXLarge-Value U.S. Equities8.526.589.0710.760.34
34Fidelity Freedom 2040FFFFXModerate Allocation13.586.959.598.900.75
35Harbor Capital AppreciationHCAIXLarge-Growth U.S. Equities53.4023.5320.4817.701.04
36Fidelity Freedom 2035FFTHXModerate Allocation13.066.989.608.840.72
37T. Rowe Price Retirement 2040TRRDXModerate Allocation12.217.499.9410.020.69
38Dodge & Cox International StockDODFXEAFE-5.53-5.361.572.990.63
39Vanguard Target Retirement 2050VFIFXAggressive Allocation11.777.269.569.540.15
40Vanguard International GrowthVWIGXEAFE50.8015.7817.3810.600.43
41Dodge & Cox IncomeDODIXShort/Intermediate Government Bonds7.465.565.184.390.42
42T. Rowe Price Retirement 2035TRRJXModerate Allocation11.687.299.629.750.67
43Vanguard Growth IndexVIGAXLarge-Growth U.S. Equities37.8720.3118.4416.550.05
44T. Rowe Price Growth StockPRGFXLarge-Growth U.S. Equities35.0918.0417.8016.680.65
45Fidelity Extended Market IndexFSMAXMid Cap U.S. Equities18.158.8211.37 0.05
46MFS ValueMEIAXLarge-Value U.S. Equities0.603.898.2310.290.82
47T. Rowe Price Mid-Cap GrowthRPMGXMid-Growth U.S. Equities16.7912.8513.7914.560.74
48Fidelity US Bond IndexFXNAXShort/Intermediate Government Bonds6.085.234.05 0.03
49American Funds 2030 Trgt Date RetireAAETXModerate Allocation12.057.459.049.330.71
50Fidelity BalancedFBALXModerate Allocation18.7010.5510.8810.280.53
51American Funds Washington MutualAWSHXLarge Blend5.257.5710.8111.730.59
52Vanguard Developed Markets IndexVTMGXEAFE4.461.245.104.740.07
53Vanguard Balanced IndexVBIAXModerate Allocation13.069.369.759.630.07
54Fidelity Freedom 2045FFFGXAggressive Allocation13.646.979.608.960.75
55Vanguard Equity-IncomeVEIPXLarge-Value U.S. Equities-0.784.528.8711.190.27
56Fidelity Diversified InternationalFDIVXEAFE18.426.707.586.850.75
57American Funds New PerspectiveANWPXWorld Equity26.3413.0913.6611.660.76
58Vanguard Instl Ttl Stk Mkt IndexVITNXLarge Blend16.6011.4013.1313.410.03
59T. Rowe Price Large-Cap Growth Class ITRLGXLarge-Growth U.S. Equities39.0020.9020.2018.200.56
60Fidelity Low-Priced StockFLPSXMid-Value U.S. Equities7.613.856.5610.000.78
61Fidelity Freedom 2050FFFHXAggressive Allocation13.596.949.608.980.75
62Vanguard Value IndexVVIAXLarge-Value U.S. Equities-1.324.188.7110.650.05
63American Funds 2025 Trgt Date RetireAADTXConservative Allocation10.976.868.068.600.69
64T. Rowe Price Retirement 2045TRRKXAggressive Allocation12.577.5810.0810.090.71
65Fidelity Blue Chip GrowthFBGRXLarge-Growth U.S. Equities58.4425.5722.1619.050.79
66Vanguard Target Retirement 2015VTXVXConservative Allocation7.896.026.696.920.13
67PIMCO Total ReturnPTTAXShort/Intermediate Government Bonds5.944.894.193.511.04
68American Funds 2035 Trgt Date RetireAAFTXModerate Allocation14.128.2910.089.830.72
69T. Rowe Price Retirement 2050TRRMXAggressive Allocation12.567.5910.0710.090.71
70Vanguard Inflation-Protected SecsVIPSXTIPS8.435.464.103.130.20
71T. Rowe Price New HorizonsPRNHXMid-Growth U.S. Equities50.0727.2123.7721.060.76
72American Funds 2040 Trgt Date RetireAAGTXModerate Allocation14.868.5810.4410.060.73
73Fidelity International IndexFSPSXEAFE3.181.104.65 0.04
74Fidelity PuritanFPURXModerate Allocation19.3510.4810.7910.350.53
75MainStay Winslow Large Cap GrowthMLINXLarge-Growth U.S. Equities35.9421.2518.4415.911.10
76JPMorgan SmartRetirement 2030JSMAXModerate Allocation7.465.417.447.900.86
77American Funds 2020 Trgt Date RetireAACTXConservative Allocation8.495.896.977.480.66
78Invesco Developing MarketsODMAXEmerging Markets21.504.696.716.861.10
79Vanguard Target Retirement IncomeVTINXConservative Allocation7.425.765.815.490.12
80Vanguard ExplorerVEXPXSmall-Growth U.S. Equities18.3912.7713.7113.320.45
81Vanguard Target Retirement 2055VFFVXAggressive Allocation11.757.259.569.560.15
82JPMorgan SmartRetirement 2025JNSAXConservative Allocation7.025.196.907.410.85
83JPMorgan Mid Cap ValueJAMCXMid-Value U.S. Equities-7.11-0.314.449.291.24
84American Funds Fundamental InvestorsANCFXLarge Blend13.148.4811.9011.940.62
85iShares S&P 500 IndexBSPAXLarge Blend15.6911.4513.05 0.35
86American Funds AMCAPAMCPXLarge-Growth U.S. Equities21.3312.0212.9413.450.69
87Janus Henderson EnterpriseJAENXMid-Growth U.S. Equities9.9212.4214.6914.290.91
88Schwab S&P 500 IndexSWPPXLarge Blend16.0211.7713.3813.460.02
89JPMorgan Large Cap GrowthOLGAXLarge-Growth U.S. Equities52.7527.0822.4118.110.94
90American Funds Capital World Growth&IncomeCWGIXWorld Equity11.145.948.638.060.78
91Invesco Diversified DividendLCEIXLarge-Value U.S. Equities-4.432.035.208.990.75
92JPMorgan SmartRetirement 2040SMTAXModerate Allocation9.365.638.188.560.88
93JPMorgan SmartRetirement 2035SRJAXModerate Allocation8.845.517.818.320.87
94JPMorgan SmartRetirement 2020JTTAXConservative Allocation6.214.856.246.710.81
95Vanguard Wellesley IncomeVWINXModerate Allocation5.
96Vanguard WindsorVWNDXLarge-Value U.S. Equities0.211.796.629.860.30
97Dodge & Cox BalancedDODBXModerate Allocation3.303.667.369.150.53
98Vanguard Real Estate IndexVGSLXReal Estate-9.193.495.408.610.12
99American Funds 2045 Trgt Date RetireAAHTXAggressive Allocation15.098.7110.6110.150.72
100Neuberger Berman GenesisNBGNXSmall-Growth U.S. Equities13.6910.3011.9912.061.02

* The dollar amounts represent funds' total assets under management held both within 401(k) plans and outside of 401(k)s, according to Morningstar. BrightScope ranked the funds by assets under management held in 401(k)s only, but it did not disclose the precise amounts for proprietary reasons.

Sources: BrightScope, Morningstar

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