5 Investing Tips to Get Your Wealth Plan on Track

A number of pitfalls have conspired to make this one of the most difficult investing environments in years. Take the reins with these investing tips.

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Investors face an increasingly difficult economic landscape today – and unfortunately, they'll almost certainly face additional headwinds in the near future. That means less room than ever for error in your wealth plan.

Let's set the stage.

While today's low interest rates have helped support the stock market, they also have crushed low-risk investors who look to Treasuries for returns. The trillions that have been spent on fiscal stimulus packages almost guarantees the U.S. will see tax increases in the future as a way to recoup that money. Many investors depend on stock dividends – and with a potential rollback of President Donald Trump's corporate tax benefits, dividends could be cut. Higher taxes combined with increased longevity in retirement pose serious risks to established estate plans.

Add pitfalls like creeping inflation and lower return projections, and you have one of the most difficult investing environments we've seen in years.

Notice I said "difficult," but not "impossible."

While it's easy to feel that your financial future is out of your control these days, it's not. Here are five investing tips for creating a strategic wealth plan to weather the storm.

Patrick Dwyer
Contributing Writer, Boston Private