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Which Budgeting Site Is Best for You?


As the economy continues to sputter -- along with the balance sheets of many families -- the Internet has supplied an abundance of online tools to help repair the damage. We've scoured the offering onlines. Here are our favorite sites for a variety of money-management styles.

Each site tracks your cash flow by collecting your financial information in one place, providing access to your complete financial picture anywhere you have Internet access.

To maximize their value, most sites require that you link them to your financial accounts by providing your online user names and passwords. This sharing might sound risky, but none of our favorite tools has experienced security problems. does not ask you to supply your private data. The rest of our picks guard your information from hackers with bank-level security; they encrypt your user names and passwords, meaning they cannot be viewed anywhere in plain text without a key. Even if your account were hijacked, intruders would not be able to execute any money moves because the sites access your financial accounts on a read-only basis.

No matter what your personal finance style, one of these online money-management tools will help you stay in control. Begin by clicking the forward arrow on the upper right-hand corner of this page.

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