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Why You Should Hold Off on Buying Savings Bonds

Low interest rates mean low yields on savings bonds.

Building Wealth | Harold Evensky, CFP®

How to Be Smart (Not Brilliant) With Your Financial Planning

Here’s a blueprint for prosperity that relies on common sense.

ETFs | Slide Show

Great Vanguard ETFs

Vanguard is best known for low-cost mutual funds, but its exchange-traded funds may be a better bet. Vanguard’s 52 ETFs track the same benchmarks as ...

Stocks & Bonds | Slide Show

Great Stocks for Baby Boomers

Many Americans in their fifties and sixties can expect to live well into their eighties. If you happen to be one of them, it’s a good idea to find stocks ...

Building Wealth | Taylor Schulte, CFP

Tips for an Effective Mid-Year Financial Check-Up

Sitting down to review the past six months’ worth of activity can do wonders for achieving your financial goals by year-end.

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Scottrade | @scottrade

#Yellen is looking for job market improvement before voting to raise rates. Are we nearly there?

Raymond James

Raymond James | @RaymondJames

Tune in to @BloombergTV at 3pmET: #Energy analyst Pavel Molchanov will discuss Chevron's and Exxon Mobil's earnings.


FutureAdvisor | @FutureAdvisor

Borrowing against your 401(k) is a bad idea. Is there ever an upside? @themotleyfool examines the question:


Kiplinger | @Kiplinger

How you might be able to deduct medical on your tax return:


Vanguard | @Vanguard_Group

Volatility is price investors pay for opportunity to realize higher returns on stock investments.


Wealthfront | @Wealthfront

Why Millennials are cynical about investing via @FortuneMagazine


TradeStation | @tradestation

#Euro-area inflation remains at 0.2% as core rate picks up


Scottrade | @scottrade

Will lower profit margins put a lid on market growth? @MarketWatch explains:

Matthews Asia

Matthews Asia | @MatthewsAsia

#China’s market may be sorely underdeveloped in terms of private media. #AsiaWeekly explains.


TradeStation | @tradestation

#Stocks open mixed

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