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The 20 Worst States for Your Retirement

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Deciding where to retire can be as important as planning when to retire. After all, your retirement destination determines how much you’ll need to pay in taxes, what your living costs will be and what kind of health care options you’ll have. And all those factors contribute to the big retirement-planning question: How much money do you need to retire?

The answer in many of the following states is: a lot. We ranked all 50 states for retirement based on financial factors critical to retirees including living expenses, tax situations, health care costs, household incomes, poverty rates and the economic wellness of the state itself, as well as the health status of seniors there. And the bottom of our rankings were littered with high-cost and high-tax areas.


Of course, your decision of where to retire will depend on more than just financial matters. In fact, the top reason people move in retirement is to be closer to family, according to a survey by Merrill Lynch and Age Wave, a research firm focused on the aging population. No matter the reason, if you decide to retire in one of these 20 states, be sure your retirement nest egg is big enough to underwrite your choice.

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See "How We Ranked Every State for Retirement" at the end of the rankings for details on our data sources and methodology.


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