Best Places to Visit Where the Dollar Is Strong

From the Americas and Europe to Africa and Asia, we list the 10 best places to travel to where the U.S. dollar is the strongest.

Hanoi, Vietnam
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You might think that foreign travel has to be expensive, but this isn’t the case for every destination. With inflation hiking prices all around the world, there are still places where your dollar will stretch enough to make it a dream vacation destination. You can hike around World Heritage sites or relax on the best beaches but it will cost you less than at other popular travel hotspots. 

Our ranking is based on how each currency is currently performing against the dollar (at the time of writing). If you want to find out which are the cheapest cities in the world to travel to, we’ve got the details to help you decide where to head next. 

Data sources include: The Federal Reserve, Oanda FX Date Services, Reuters, and Numbeo's cost of living database

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