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16 Most Fuel-Efficient New Cars, 2015


As part of Kiplinger's annual Best Car Values feature, the vehicles we spotlight here are the least thirsty in their price categories, based on annual fuel costs. The fuel cost assumes 15,000 miles of combined city and highway driving each year and forecasts average prices over the coming year of $3.00 a gallon for regular gasoline, $3.35 for premium gasoline and $3.75 for diesel. Annual fuel costs for EVs and plug-ins come from the EPA’s, based on 12 cents per kWh for electricity.

Many of the winners sport an alternative powertrain, either gas-electric hybrid or all electric. All-electric vehicles qualify for up to a $7,500 federal tax credit.

To win the Most Fuel-Efficient Award, a model must first be selected as one of the top 25 vehicles in its category. Kiplinger ranks sedans within price categories. Crossovers, minivans, wagons and trucks are sorted by segment and size and then ranked. No vehicle can win if another trim level of that model has won in a lower-price category.

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