Gas Tax Calculator
Tool | February 15, 2018

Gas Tax Calculator

President Trump has proposed to boost the federal gasoline tax—potentially the first increase in the 18.4-cents-a-gallon tax since 1993 – by 25 cents a gallon.

Raising the gas tax would generate hundreds of billions of dollars from drivers to support infrastructure spending. How much would it cost you every year?

MAP: State Gas Taxes Across the Country

The answer depends on how much you drive and how much gas your current vehicle uses. Our simple gas tax calculator below will show you how much your annual fuel bill would go up if the federal gas tax is increased by 25 cents. Plus, discover how much additional MPG your car would need to offset the extra costs.

The proposed 25¢ per gallon increase to the gas tax would add


to your current gas bill of $0.00 per year

You could offset that extra cost by getting...


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Sources: University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (avg. sales-weighted MPG for 2015 models = 24.8); Federal Highway Administration (avg. annual mileage per vehicle = 13,476); AAA (average price of regular gas as of 2/15/18 = $2.55)

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