5 Pharmaceutical Stocks With Big Moats and Bridges

Pharmaceuticals are a tricky business.

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Pharmaceuticals are a tricky business. Public policy, science, R&D, global growth and regulation all play a role, sometimes outsize, in the success of pharmaceutical stocks.

But some Big Pharma companies and a few other industry firms have managed these and other factors better than others. And along the way, they have built up a considerable “moat” – some sort of considerable competitive advantage – around profitable businesses. Some of these same companies are building bridges to further profitability via deep drug pipelines, innovative new treatments and transformative acquisitions.

Here’s a deeper look into five pharmaceutical stocks that have compelling moats, bridges or both. These advantages make them more likely to provide stable growth over the long term.


Data is as of Feb. 27.

Ken Berman
Contributing Writer, Kiplinger.com
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