How to Find the Best Mid-Cap Stocks

The best mid-cap stocks offer up an ideal combination of stability and growth potential.

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It's not uncommon for retail investors to overlook the opportunities available by investing in the best mid-cap stocks.

The question is, why do mid-cap stocks get passed by relative to their large-cap and small-cap brethren? Los Angeles-based investment manager Kayne Anderson Rudnick (KAR) has a good idea.

"Large-cap stocks are the perennial attention-getters in equity markets, and small-cap stocks frequently grab some of the spotlight as a counterweight to what is, for most investors, a permanent large-cap exposure," states the firm's September 2022 white paper

But overlooking mid-cap stocks, the group writes, "neglects a big slice of the market, one that can offer some of the advantages of both large and small-cap stocks while presenting its own unique set of opportunities.

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