To stay steady in volatile markets, add some solid dividend-paying stocks from around the world to your portfolio. 8 High Yield Foreign Stocks
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8 High Yield Foreign Stocks


With markets around the world in turmoil, this is a great time to home in on solid dividend-paying stocks. The idea, of course, is that although stock prices are volatile, dividends represent cash in hand.

For most Americans, the search for dividends is limited to U.S. companies. But if you’re willing to do some extra homework and go beyond your comfort zone, you’ll find an array of excellent dividend-paying stocks outside our borders.

Foreign companies provide diversification and, in the case of emerging-markets companies in particular, offer potential for faster growth than the typical domestic company. On top of that, foreign stocks yield more, on average, than U.S. issues do, and they pay dividends in their own currencies, which are more valuable to U.S. shareholders when the dollar sinks.

The eight American depositary receipts listed in the following slides trade on the New York Stock Exchange. All prices and related data are as of September 15, 2011.

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