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10 Stocks Every Retiree Should Own



When it comes to building a retirement portfolio, your first steps should be to make sure it’s diversified and isn’t too risky. Beyond that, it’s about finding a mix of stocks and bonds that can provide enough income to last for years.

For the core of your stock portfolio, stick with stable companies that pay healthy dividends. These aren’t necessarily the highest-growth stocks that will produce spectacular returns. But they can make up for their lack of sizzle with a bedrock business that produces steady income and modest share price gains over time.

Our lineup of stocks that fit the bill includes drugmakers, telecommunication service providers and consumer-goods companies. We also recommend a couple of U.S. automakers that look poised for gains, and the profit king of the smartphone market, Apple (AAPL), which should be a reliable earner and dividend payer for years.


We can’t assure you that these stocks won’t slump if the market heads south. But stick with them for the long haul and you should reap attractive returns from both dividends and share price appreciation.

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All prices and other data are as of December 29, 2016. Price/earnings ratios are based on the average of analysts’ forecasts for calendar 2017, as compiled by Zacks Investment Research. Stocks are listed alphabetically.


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