Working part-time while you're in school can enhance your financial independence and point you toward career opportunities. 10 Great Part-Time Jobs for College Students
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10 Great Part-Time Jobs for College Students


Throughout college, I found myself torn between growing up and saving the whole “adult thing” for after graduation. One factor in this mental balancing act was working part-time. I needed the money, but I didn’t want a job to take up all of my free time.

Ultimately, with a bit of time management and the right attitude, a part-time job actually enhanced my college experience. I felt more in control of my finances -- and I didn’t have the guilt of spending my parents’ money on Friday and Saturday nights. I also started to slowly build up my own savings, a habit that I’m happy I acquired. Above all, it pushed me to step outside the “campus bubble” and get to know other people and parts of my community.

From working as an on-campus tutor to mowing the lawn on weekends, here are ten great part-time jobs for college students. Wage data is from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and hourly pay is based on the rates in the 25th and 75th percentiles, unless otherwise noted.



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