10 Things to Know Before Going to the Hospital (from a Legal Perspective)

A trip to the ER can be chaotic and scary, but getting your ducks in a row now can definitely help.

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So, you’ve waited for a global pandemic to start to thinking about your estate planning needs? Take heart: You are not alone. It is surprisingly common for people to either not realize the importance of estate planning, or to put off dealing with this sometimes-uncomfortable topic until the last moment.

In these uncertain times, however, many Americans are ready to start seriously planning for a potential medical emergency. Being prepared and educated can help make the process less daunting.

Now is a good time to review the top steps you should take and the things you will need if you or someone you love is going to the hospital. Every state has different laws (and you should speak with an experienced local attorney to learn more), but the following tips should help put you in a good position if the worst should happen.


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Zachary D. Helprin, Esq.
Founding and Managing Partner, Law Offices of Zachary D. Helprin

Zachary Helprin is an attorney and FreeWill legal fellow based in New York with offices in New York City and Long Island. His firm, Law Offices of Zachary D. Helprin, focuses on Real Estate law, Trusts and Estates law, and General Counsel/Corporate counsel for small businesses, start-ups and commercial real estate companies.