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The Bottom Line
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Least Tax-Friendly

The tax situation in Ohio is deceiving. While none of the major state and local taxes in the Buckeye State are sky high, they’re all above average. Ohio’s income tax is like Pennsylvania’s—the state rates themselves aren’t particularly scary, but the overall rate ends up being higher-than-average when you add in local taxes. Most cities and towns in Ohio impose their own income tax, and their tax rates are as high as 3%. As a result, the combined state and local income tax burden in the state is above the national average.

Housing costs in Ohio are relatively low, but the state’s average property tax bill isn’t. For a $400,000 home in the state, the owner can expect to pay about $6,564 each year in property taxes. That’s above the U.S. average for a home at that price. Finally, the average combined state and local sales tax in Ohio is 7.17%. You guessed it … that’s above the national average.

Sales Tax

5.75% state levy. Localities can add as much as 2.25%, and the average combined rate is 7.15%, according to the Tax Foundation.

Income Tax Range

Low: 1.98% (on income over $10,850 of taxable income for 2018, over $21,750 in 2019)

High: 4.997% (on taxable income over $217,400).

Effective tax rate: 1.81% for single filers, 4.83% for joint filers.

Municipalities can levy income taxes, too; the average local rate is 2.5%, per the Tax Foundation.

Motor Fuel Taxes

Gasoline: $0.3851 per gallon.
Diesel: $0.4701 per gallon.

Property Taxes

In Ohio, residents pay an average of $1,641 in taxes per $100,000 of assessed home value.

Vehicle Taxes

Sales tax is due when vehicle title is transferred.

Sin Taxes

Cigarettes: $1.60 per pack
Pipe tobacco and cigars: 17% of the wholesale price
Little cigars: 37% of the wholesale price
Chewing tobacco: 17% of the wholesale price
Snuff: 17% of the wholesale price
Vapor products: $0.10 per milliliter

Beer: $0.18 per gallon
Wine: $0.32 per gallon
Sparkling wine: $1.50 per gallon
Liquor: $9.87 per gallon
Ohio directly controls the distribution and sale of alcohol. Liquor tax is an estimate by the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States and published by the Tax Foundation. 
Cuyahoga County levies additional taxes on tobacco and alcohol, including $0.35 per pack of cigarettes and $3 per gallon of liquor. The proceeds are used to fund sports facilities in the Cleveland area.

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