6 AI Stocks to Watch for Rapid Growth

Artificial intelligence is becoming more ingrained in our everyday lives. Here are six names that could profit on this quickly expanding space.

future artificial intelligence robot
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First it was mainframe computers, then personal computers (PCs), then smartphones. Technology comes in waves and the dawning of artificial intelligence (AI) and AI stocks has captured the imagination of investors.

And well it should.

AI is transformative not just for the investment landscape, but it will change how we live and work. As demand for this technology grows, it seems likely that so too will interest in AI stocks.

There will be winners and losers to be sure, but overall many more winners.

Some companies will benefit from the development of AI, such as chipmakers and software developers. But many, many more companies will become winners because of easy, economical access to AI – or high performance computing (HPC) or machine learning (ML), take your pick – that will make them better, faster and more profitable.

While some AI developers like semiconductor or software companies are easy to spot as probable winners, others are less obvious.

Below, we highlight six AI stocks from both camps that merit the attention of investors who want to profit from the next wave in technology.


Data is as of June 14.

Louis Navellier
Contributing Writer, Kiplinger.com