Justin Goodbread, CFP, CEPA

Justin Goodbread, CFP, CEPA

Founder & CEO, Financially Simple

Goodbread CFP, CEPA, owns Heritage Investors, a wealth management company in Knoxville, Tenn. After several years of working in a large wealth management firm, he and his business partner ventured out on their own in 2009. He believes in keeping a low client/adviser ratio for maximum client benefit. He both blogs and does podcasts, with a goal of "simplify(ing) the financial world for business owners and the next generation of wealth." As a serial small-business owner, Goodbread has sold three businesses for a profit. He enjoys driving his tractor and playing on his "hobby farm" in Tennessee.

Phone: 865.690.1155
E-mail: justin@financiallysimple.com
Heritage Investors and Financially Simple
Facebook: www.facebook.com/financiallysimple
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/justingoodbread

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