Blendid’s Automated Smoothie Kiosks Are a $300B Game Changer

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Blendid’s robotic smoothie kiosks are landing at college campuses, travel stops, and other high-traffic areas around the U.S. Here’s how the startup is redefining the entire $300 billion fast-food industry.

People want quality food quickly these days. And Blendid is meeting the demand.

Their automated smoothie kiosks and patented technology whip up customizable, made-to-order smoothies just about anywhere, from malls to airports.

With over 75,000 smoothies served already, Blendid’s proving to be a hit. But it’s businesses who love the technology the most. Blendid’s profit margins blow away the 6% average margins in the quick service restaurant industry.

That’s why you’re already seeing Blendid working with smoothie titan Jamba and rolling out kiosks everywhere from UCLA to Walmart. They’ve got 500+ more contracts coming too with a mix of brand name operators.

But the best part for investors is that they’re just getting started…

Tech That Serves People On-The-Move

Blendid’s compact, fully automated smoothie kiosks help businesses meet demand with higher profit margins. Thanks to the kiosk’s size and efficiency, businesses can add new locations at a low cost. And in turn, college students, road trippers, and mall shoppers can enjoy a delicious smoothie on the go.

In fact, Blendid kiosks are already opening at universities, a travel-stop chain, and other retail locations across the country. In addition, the company’s commercial agreement with renowned smoothie brand Jamba has led to new Jamba by Blendid locations at Kennesaw State University, Georgia College, UCLA, and even Walmart.

While others in the food robotics space have struggled to meet demand in high-traffic areas with a 24/7 operation, Blendid’s proven field experience lays the foundation for continued growth. Now, even more commercial partners realize the benefits of expanding with Blendid. For example, Blendid’s newest contract with Love’s Travel Stops opens the potential for kiosks at hundreds of locations across America.

Altogether, Blendid has 500+ robotic smoothie kiosks in contract. And that’s just the company’s first automated food product in its lineup.

Many Multi-Billion-Dollar Market Opportunities

Blendid merges culinary artistry with robotics expertise to gain traction in two major markets: the $4 billion food robotics industry and the $300 billion quick-service restaurant industry.

Blendid’s versatility will enable it to capture multiple sectors of the food automation market. In the coming years, They plan to debut additional robotic food products for a variety of cuisine choices — from customizable salads and soups to sandwiches and bowls.

That’s why investors should really take notice sooner than later. Blendid has identified as many as 70,000 potential U.S.-based locations that could be a good fit for its fresh food kiosks in the future. With the low cost of scaling, it can reach new heights faster than most other food brands.

It’s not a stretch to say that Blendid could define the future of convenient, on-the-go dining. Learn more about Blendid and how you can invest today.

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