Anne Kates Smith

Anne Kates Smith

Executive Editor, Kiplinger's Personal Finance

Anne Kates Smith brings Wall Street to Main Street, with decades of experience covering investments and personal finance for real people trying to navigate fast-changing markets, preserve financial security or plan for the future. As executive editor, she oversees the magazine's investing coverage, authors Kiplinger’s biannual stock-market outlooks and writes the "Your Mind and Your Money" column, a take on behavioral finance and how investors can get out of their own way.  

A student of Wall Street history, Smith has shepherded investors through five bull markets and six bears, and along the way has covered everything from investing, economics, personal finance and real estate to travel, careers, retirement, corporate crime, financial regulation, breaking business news--and, on occasion, minor league baseball. She was one of the first journalists to warn investors away from Enron, a company that later became emblematic of corporate wrongdoing. Later, she was a voice of caution during the dot-com bubble, and led shell-shocked investors back into the market as the country emerged from the Great Financial Crisis. 

Smith began her journalism career as a writer and columnist for USA Today. Prior to joining Kiplinger, she was a senior editor at U.S.News & World Report and a contributing columnist for TheStreet. Smith is a graduate of St. John's College in Annapolis, Md., known for its rigorous Great Books program and the third-oldest college in America.


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