Kiplinger's Evergreens

Here are our 25 most popular stories, tools and features of 2007. Make sure you didn't miss any.

We always strive to provide you with the most trusted advice about your finances, your home, your most valued possessions and your future.

So we've brought together 25 reader favorites in one place as our holiday gift to you. Enjoy our 2007 evergreens -- articles, tools, quizzes and slide shows that stay fresh no matter the season. And please continue to visit our Web site often for timeless, trusted wisdom to improve your life.


Fabulous Freebies
Put your wallet away. Here are 26 valuable goods and services that don't cost a thing.

13 Most Overlooked Tax Deductions
Don't overpay your taxes because of a simple oversight. Here's a baker's dozen of the most overlooked tax deductions.

Why You Need a Roth IRA
With this indispensable savings tool, your money grows tax-free, you can invest in almost anything and you get several cool perks.

25 Best Travel Sites
Find the best bargains in air travel and cheapest rates for car rentals, hotel rooms and vacation packages, whether you travel in the U.S. or internationally.

Health Savings Account Answers
This fact sheet explains the ins and outs of opening, funding and benefiting from this tax-free savings vehicle.

20 Small Ways to Save Big
Think you don't have enough money to start saving? Even little deposits add up to big bucks -- especially when you start young.

The Kiplinger Taxopedia
From property taxes to student-loan interest to child-care expenses, here are our encyclopedias of what's deductible and what's not on your 2006 return.

The 25 Best Mutual Funds
We've explored this vast universe for you and picked the best stock and bond funds to help you meet your wealth-building goals.

Turn Your Backyard into Paradise
Creating an outdoor retreat can be a worthwhile but costly venture. So make sure your money is well spent on features that add the most value to your property.

Free Money for Grad School
Boost your chances of getting someone to pay for your master's or PhD.


Easy-to-Use Withholding Calculator
If too much is being taken out of your paycheck, adjust your withholding and give yourself a raise to help cover the holiday bills.

100 Best Values in Public Colleges
See rankings and sort by measures such as cost, financial aid and quality to find the right school for you or your child.

100 Best Private Colleges
View rankings for the top 50 private liberal arts colleges and top 50 private universities. Then sort the schools by overall rank, cost, quality measures or financial aid measures.

Which City Is Best for You?
Take this 14-question survey to see which five metro areas in the United States best suit your goals and tastes.

What's Your Real MPG?
This Kiplinger tool will give you an estimate of what the fuel economy numbers will be for about a thousand 2007 models under the new tests.


25 Gifts for $25 or Less
The holiday squeeze is on, but you don't need to break your budget to give great gifts.

Ranking the Best Values in Midsize Sedans
We drove a dozen 2007 models and rated them on a multitude of factors to find the best.

The 25 Best Web Sites
Our favorites include the best sources for stock-market commentary, insurance quotes, prescription-drug prices, travel deals and more.

12 Trips on the Road Less Traveled
These destinations offer fresh experiences at about 20% to 70% off the cost of visiting marquee spots.

Best Stocks and Mutual Funds
Our favorites include something for every investor, from the best domestic and international funds to the best green stocks to the best online broker.


Test Your Retirement-Planning IQ
See how much you really know about 401(k) plans, IRAs and other retirement accounts.

The Personal Finance Quiz
How much do you really know about taxes, saving, investing, managing credit and other money matters?

Test Your Gift-Giving Etiquette
How much do you know about the right and wrong way to give -- and receive -- during the holidays?

How Savvy a Shopper Are You?
See how much you know about holiday shopping. You just might learn some things that'll save you money.

Test Your Political Savvy
How much do you know about the 2008 campaigns for control of the White House and Congress?

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