Which Budgeting Site Is Best for You?

All these tools let you track your accounts and set goals. But there are differences.


ASSETS • Easy to set up, with intuitive spending categories and easy-to-customize transaction descriptions. • It also tracks reward programs for airlines and hotels.

LIABILITIES • You have to be a Bank of America customer to use it. • Powered by Yodlee technology, but it’s not as customizable as Yodlee’s MoneyCenter.

NET WORTH • A user-friendly tracking tool, but financial-product recommendations are all Bank of America products. Why limit your options?


ASSETS • Simple interface gives users a clear view of transactions. • Calendar tool makes it easy to plan and track payments.

LIABILITIES • Available only through credit unions and smaller banks. • Product recommendations are limited to your institution.

NET WORTH • A solid money tracker without bells and whistles. But not your top choice if you’re looking for money-saving picks.


ASSETS • Great tools to divvy up your paycheck and track cash transactions. • Huge database of bank products, which it touts as completely independent. • Forecasting tools are available.

LIABILITIES • Beta version is free for 60 days, but after that it costs $5 a month. • User interface is clunkier than those of other budgeting sites.

NET WORTH • The tools and huge database of products set this site apart. Try the free version and see how you like it, then decide if it’s worth the monthly fee.


ASSETS • Clean and simple design makes it the biggest player on the block, with more than four million users. • Just added a “Goals” feature to motivate users to plan for big expenses or savings.

LIABILITIES • Auto-categorization sometimes mislabels expenses. • Navigation of the site is not always intuitive. • Lacks a tool to project cash flow.

NET WORTH • Ease of setup and range of product recommendations make Mint our favorite budgeting site.


ASSETS • Estimates your credit score, gives you advice on how to improve your finances and predicts how long you could make ends meet if you lost your job.

LIABILITIES • Also based on the Yodlee platform, but it doesn’t track as many financial accounts as Yodlee MoneyCenter or easily show you your net worth.

NET WORTH • A decent alternative to Mint or Yodlee, especially if you are interested in borrowing money and keeping tabs on your credit score.


ASSETS • Customizable, useful tools predict how your spending will look in the future. • Online community allows you to compare your spending with that of similar users.

LIABILITIES • Have to manually download accounts from many financial institutions.

NET WORTH • Easy-to-use, attractive interface, financial tips and online community make this a good site for budgeting beginners.


ASSETS • Easy to customize and provides more details on financial transactions and a bigger variety of reports than Mint. • Lets you track reward programs. • Has tighter security than competitors.

LIABILITIES • Takes you longer to set up an account than with Mint. • Doesn’t provide advice or product picks to improve your finances.

NET WORTH • Excellent way to get a snapshot of all your accounts, but be prepared for data overload.

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