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6 Good Reasons You Shouldn’t Retire at 65


Once, retirement meant collecting your last paycheck at 65, saying so long to your co-workers and closing the door for good on your working life.

No more. Over the last 20 years, the number of people who have stayed on the job past 65 has steadily increased, not necessarily because they need the money (although for many, that's true) but also because society has changed. More women are participating in the workforce -- and staying in it longer. Workers have become healthier and more educated, and jobs are less strenuous, which means that more people are willing and able to work longer. Even the definition of retirement has changed. Rather than retire altogether, many older workers are phasing out of one career and into another.

Whatever your own circumstances, working into the second half of your sixties (or beyond) offers the prospect of a happier, more financially secure retirement when you finally do retire. Here are six good reasons for staying on the job at least a few more years.

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