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10 Best Public College Values for Out-of-State Students, 2014

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Facing out-of-state tuition at a public college can be daunting. The average annual sticker price for nonresidents at public colleges is $31,701, up from $30,704 last year, according to the College Board.

Still, the annual cost is considerably lower than the average price for a private education ($40,917), and it’s much less than the $50,000-plus that some private institutions charge. Many public colleges also offer significant financial aid to out-of-state students, including need-based aid (in grants, not loans) for those who qualify.

These ten institutions from Kiplinger's list of the 100 best values in public colleges provide academic quality at a manageable price -- sometimes with generous financial aid -- for out-of-state students. Take a look.

10 Best Public College Values for Out-of-State Students, 2014



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