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8 Amazing New Military Technologies

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Courtesy DARPA

In light of increasing tensions in global hot spots, U.S. military R&D is gaining more urgency. The U.S. will spend nearly $80 billion this year to create new weapons, armor and related gear, up 5% from last year. Even higher spending is planned for 2017.

The next array of weapons to outgun the old and explore new discoveries in science and security are coming from defense contractors, university labs and small tech start-ups with big aims. They serve not so much to amaze war tech geeks but to protect and defend...and win.

Some work in the air, some on the ground or water, and others in space. They reflect the innovation, curiosity and commitment of the world’s best engineers and scientists. Here’s a glimpse of work under way at companies and labs partnering with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the science and weapons development arm of the Defense Department.

8 Amazing New Military Technologies



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