Your Tax Burden Calculator
Tool | January 2019

How Your Income Stacks Up

Are you in the top 25% of all earners? The top 10%? Plus, find out what portion of the tax burden you bear according to your income status.

Using data released by the IRS, Kiplinger has built a tool to show your income status compared to your fellow Americans. The income breakdowns are based on adjusted gross income (AGI) reported on 2016 tax returns — the latest statistics available.

Enter your income* to see how your income stacks up and what portion of the tax burden you bear:


* Enter your AGI from your most recent tax return. If using your 2018 return, you'll find it on line 7.
If using a 2017 return you'll find it on line 37 if you used the Form 1040, line 21 on Form 1040A or line 4 on the 1040-EZ. Or enter your annual salary (the IRS categories are broad enough that your result will likely be the same).

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