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South Carolina

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The Bottom Line
Map of South Carolina

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The Palmetto State boasts low property taxes — the seventh-lowest in the country. Many taxpayers will find themselves in the highest income bracket, however; the 7% rate kicks in at just $14,600 of taxable income, and the sales tax (an average of 7.43%, per the Tax Foundation) leans high as well.

Sales Tax

6% state levy. Localities can add as much as 3%, and the average combined rate is 7.43%, according to the Tax Foundation.

Income Tax Range

Low: 3% (on taxable income over $2,970)

High: 7% (on taxable income over $14,860)

See’s Retiree Tax Map to learn how South Carolina taxes Social Security income and other forms of retirement income.

Motor Fuel Taxes

Gasoline: $0.21 per gallon.
Diesel: $0.21 per gallon.

Property Taxes

Median property tax on South Carolina's median home value of $143,600 is $821. See’s Retiree Tax Map for details on tax breaks for seniors in South Carolina.

Vehicle Taxes

Sales tax is due on purchases. South Carolina levies an annual tax on a vehicle’s value. Counties set the rate. Example: If you own a $10,000 car, your personal property tax would be $173 (based on the average statewide rate).

Sin Taxes

Cigarettes: $0.57 per pack
Other tobacco products: 5% of the manufacturer’s price

Beer and other malt beverages: $0.77 per gallon
Wine: $1.08 per gallon
Liquor: $5.42 per gallon

Travel Taxes

Hotel: There is no statewide lodging tax. Localities, however, can add up to 2%, in addition to local sales tax

Rental cars: 5%, plus sales tax.

Taxes On Wireless Service


Inheritance and Estate Taxes

There is no inheritance tax or estate tax.

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