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Home Prices in the 100 Largest Metro Areas

What's happened to the market where you live?

The table below shows changes in prices for existing homes (single-family houses and condos) for the 100 largest metro areas tracked by Clear Capital, a provider of real estate data and analysis, in 2017. Prices nationwide rose 5.4% over the past year. We also show the change in home prices since the peak of the national market in mid 2006. Prices in about half of the cities have returned to peak levels. We also show how far prices have risen since the bottom of the market in early 2012. Affordability index shows the relative affordability of cities (on a scale of 1 to 10; 1 is most affordable and 10 is least affordable). It's based on the percentage of average wages required to buy a median-priced home (including principal, interest, taxes and insurance) in each metro area in late 2017.

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The median home price (half of all homes sold cost more, and half cost less) as of December 31 was $232,000. That was $20,000 more than at year-end 2016, reflecting strong demand by buyers for a scarcity of homes for sale. Sales of existing homes rose by 1.1% in 2017, to 5.51 million, and will rise by a smidgen in 2018, according to the National Association of Realtors. Nationwide, the number of existing homes for sale fell in 2017, and the year ended with a historic low of 3.2 months' supply (the time it would take to sell the current number of homes on the market at the current pace). That favors sellers; six to seven months' supply is considered balanced between buyers and sellers. (See Where Home Prices Are Headed in 2018.)

Metro Area
Home Price
% Change
in 2017
% Change
Since Peak*
% Change
Since Bottom
Affordability Index
Akron, Ohio$125,000 1.9-19.831.82
Albany, N.Y.$172,0001.9-4.77.55
Allentown, Pa.$175,0005.6-19.917.14
Atlanta, Ga.$190,0007.3-3.288.84
Augusta, Ga.$147,0003.40.419.01
Austin, Texas$251,0003.572.871.29
Bakersfield, Calif.$199,0006.0-26.770.76
Baltimore, Md.$238,0005.6-19.418.27
Baton Rouge, La.$166,0003.513.114.92
Birmingham, Ala.$131,0003.6-11.827.51
Boise City, Idaho$215,0008.76.582.57
Boston, Mass.$398,00016.85.044.69
Bridgeport, Conn.$365,0003.0-20.721.49
Buffalo, N.Y.$125,0007.039.532.63
Cape Coral, Fla.$200,0005.5-22.879.48
Charleston, S.C.$238,0006.212.049.07
Charlotte, N.C.$198,0007.721.749.74
Chattanooga, Tenn.$131,0004.815.734.82
Chicago, Ill.$218,0007.5-17.153.76
Cinncinnati, Ohio$150,0005.3-3.433.44
Cleveland, Ohio$135,0007.1-26.242.23
Colorado Springs, Colo.$260,0008.221.744.67
Columbia, S.C.$133,0004.7-0.418.22
Columbus, Ohio$170,0006.63.349.96
Dallas, Texas$182,00010.953.083.57
Dayton, Ohio$115,0006.3-10.836.21
Deltona, Fla.$170,00011.8-20.587.07
Denver, Colo.$360,0008.954.985.19
Des Moines, Iowa$173,0004.513.532.04
Detroit, Mich.$145,0008.7-28.3111.03
Durham, N.C.$220,0004.422.426.96
Fayetteville, Ark.$163,0006.04.735.22
Fresno, Calif.$233,0008.9-26.767.78
Grand Rapids, Mich.$155,0008.512.487.23
Greensboro, N.C.$118,0002.1-5.519.83
Greenville, S.C.$170,0006.624.739.13
Harrisburg, Pa.$162,0005.0-0.510.73
Hartford, Conn.$201,0003.2-14.510.86
Honolulu, Hawaii$530,0005.536.145.610
Houston, Texas$170,0004.830.267.96
Jacksonville, Fla.$170,00011.6-16.461.07
Knoxville, Tenn.$141,0006.413.527.62
Lakeland, Fla.$146,0003.3-23.258.24
Lancaster, Pa.$184,0006.313.820.46
Lansing, Mich.$128,00011.0-23.660.31
Las Vegas, Nev.$240,00013.6-31.4105.48
Lexington, Ky.$167,0002.44.18.54
Little Rock, Ark.$140,000-2.5-2.0-0.52
Los Angeles, Calif.$605,0007.5-1.378.510
Louisville, Ky.$165,0005.215.625.41
Madison, Wis.$245,0007.719.934.98
McAllen, Texas$118,0004.226.531.84
Memphis, Tenn.$137,00012.7-14.638.41
Miami, Fla.$240,0007.5-21.492.19
Milwaukee, Wis.$192,0003.9-21.134.46
Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn.$235,0006.8-6.256.56
Nashville, Tenn.$234,0008.940.662.06
New Orleans, La.$190,0000.57.946.23
New York, N.Y.-N.J.$425,0007.1-8.129.310
Ogden, Utah$211,00015.355.472.47
Oklahoma City, Okla.$155,0002.119.118.13
Omaha, Neb.$175,0006.220.431.65
Orlando, Fla.$205,0008.0-24.879.67
Oxnard, Calif.$565,0004.9-13.256.310
Palm Bay, Fla.$160,0006.3-20.486.94
Pensacola, Fla.$155,00010.1-8.243.94
Philadelphia, Pa.$190,0003.8-10.816.15
Phoenix, Ariz.$240,0008.9-18.187.35
Pittsburgh, Pa.$125,0001.57.821.82
Portland, Ore.$350,0008.130.974.79
Port St. Lucie, Fla.$188,00010.2-18.689.98
Providence, R.I.$246,00011.5-25.250.28
Provo, Utah$250,0008.942.671.48
Raleigh, N.C.$238,0005.923.331.15
Reno, Nev.$320,00012.2-10.0129.59
Richmond, Va.$200,0007.92.734.25
Riverside-San Bernardino, Calif.$320,0009.4-20.187.610
Rochester, N.Y.$127,0003.17.316.92
Sacramento, Calif.$359,0009.8-13.0101.910
Salt Lake City, Utah$301,00014.553.584.87
San Antonio, Texas$170,0005.635.849.58
San Diego, Calif.$530,0008.3-1.374.210
San Francisco, Calif.$750,0009.39.7105.410
San Jose, Calif.$1,000,00013.726.996.510
Santa Rosa, Calif.$600,00012.12.192.810
Sarasota, Fla.$225,0006.2-19.074.88
Scranton-Wilkes Barre, Pa.$80,0000.8-25.33.71
Seattle, Wash.$417,00013.134.492.49
Springfield, Mass.$195,0008.6-5.931.2NA
St. Louis, Mo.$155,0006.7-14.335.03
Stockton, Calif.$312,00010.8-26.7116.09
Syracuse, N.Y.$106,0003.12.86.7NA
Tampa, Fla.$176,00012.1-17.880.85
Toledo, Ohio$106,0005.8-18.639.11
Tucson, Ariz.$179,0008.2-20.348.25
Tulsa, Okla.$150,0003.89.121.52
Virginia Beach, Va.$215,0003.4-14.416.68
Washington, D.C.$375,0004.5-17.032.09
Winston-Salem, N.C.$137,0005.21.321.41
Youngstown, Ohio$75,0004.6-25.521.71

Home-price data as of December 31, 2017. Cities represent metropolitan statistical areas as defined by the U.S. Census. *Since May 31, 2006, when the housing market peaked nationally. Since March 31, 2012, when the housing market hit bottom nationally. # Ranked 1 (most affordable) through 10 (least affordable).

Sources: Clear Capital ATTOM Data Solutions, U.S. Census.; data is as of December 31, 2017.