Nine Personal Finance Podcasts Worth Checking Out

Business professionals give shout-outs to favorite podcasts aimed at helping listeners improve their financial literacy and manage their money responsibly.

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Fifteen percent of adults lost at least $10,000 or more in 2022 due to a lack of financial literacy, according to a CNBC report that cites research from the National Financial Educators Council. And money-driven anxiety is real: As many as 77% of U.S. citizens worry about their financial status, whereas 58% claim that finances control their lives, according to a study by Capital One and The Decision Lab.

To help prevent money problems from getting a grip on you, we’ve asked business leaders and industry professionals to recommend the most helpful personal finance podcasts. These podcasts could give you key information you need to develop stable money management habits and conquer your finances.

Adulting Is Easy: Making Personal Finance & Real Estate Easy

Podcast host: Lauren K. Aumond

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Adulting Is Easy covers one of the key things leading to financial freedom in adulthood — investing in real estate.

Ryan Zomorodi, co-founder and COO of, says, “For me, Adulting Is Easy is an ideal example of a podcast about personal finances and real estate where the two merge into one inseparable duo. Offering a stable income stream, real estate can indeed fit in any financial plan, whether an individual invests in raw land, house flipping or mobile homes, the future of affordable housing.”

The podcast also includes other financial topics, like budgeting tips for dummies and even info about cryptocurrency — a new frontier of personal finance.

The Meaningful Money Podcast

Podcast host: Pete Matthew

“I can help you make sense of money.”

Matthew, a chartered financial planner, greets you with these words on his web page. With the Meaningful Money Podcast, he keeps his promise and simplifies the following concepts:

  • Financial planning
  • Budgeting
  • Investments
  • Emergency funds
  • Insurance
  • Annual financial reviews, etc.

In plain, easy-to-understand language, Matthew discusses how to manage money meaningfully and carefully and never have second thoughts on every dollar or cent.

According to Excel Champs founder Puneet Gogia, “Some of the most crucial strategies you can draw from this podcast on personal finance are how to monitor your financial position regularly, calculate your savings and expenses, and make proper adjustments to remain on the right track.”

Radical Personal Finance

Podcast host: Joshua Sheats

As a former financial adviser, Sheats teaches money lessons and encourages listeners of his Radical Personal Finance podcast to take radical steps to survive and thrive in the world where money reigns.

Andrew Pierce, CEO at LLC Attorney, notes, “Joshua’s podcasting style differs from similar podcasts on personal finances. Among other things, he holds regular Friday Q&A sessions with calls from people asking real-life questions and getting direct, instant answers. Importantly, he explains how to integrate lifestyle and money goals without trouble and in compliance with the law.”

Occasionally, Sheats also narrates chapters from The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason, a classic personal finance book from 1926.

The Retirement Café

Podcast host: Justin King

The Retirement Café podcast takes a positive look at financial wellness for those who are getting older.

Guest financial advisers give clear-cut instructions on how to plan for retirement, addressing such topics as:

  • Outlining time horizons
  • Investing for grandchildren
  • Traditional pensions
  • 401(k) plans
  • Taxation of retirement income
  • Financial risk prevention (financial abuse and scams)

Stephan Baldwin, founder of Assisted Living, adds, “This podcast is not a purely financial guide for retirement. It’s also about the physical, mental and social well-being of retirees. For example, it can help you see the inside-outs of retirement communities if you plan your future through the lens of senior living options or prevent mental decline at an older age.”

Total Money Management

Podcast hosts: Steve Moriarty, Tom Hill and Jacob Senior

Previously known as The Stock Market Mentor Podcast, Total Money Management provides an unconventional view of stocks, properties, bonds, annuities and more under the guidance of its three hosts, who are also accomplished investors with many years of experience.

They often prefer to dwell on contrasts and comparisons like these:

  • Signals vs noise
  • Buy vs hold
  • Skill vs luck
  • Numbers vs narratives

Shawn Plummer, CEO of The Annuity Expert, says, “Being one of the newest personal finance podcasts in my playlist, it clearly demonstrates how the financial theory of investing differs from true numbers. Definitely recommend it to everyone who wants to become a better investor.”

Even if investment isn’t a tough field for you, this financial podcast should be compulsory listening to stay up to date with the latest trends and rapid changes in stock markets.

The Personal Finance Podcast

Podcast host: Andrew Giancola

Discover these how-tos and more financial masterclasses in The Personal Finance Podcast:

  • How to prioritize your financial goals
  • How to spend money happily
  • How to build wealth with almost empty pockets
  • How fast can you go from $100,000 to $1 million

As Gerald Lombardo, head of growth at Popl, puts it, “It’s one of the best personal finance podcasts explaining the three financial M’s: money mistakes, money moves and money myths. It will help you hack your brain and use money as a tool rather than an end goal.”

Indeed, instead of putting money as your finish line, you can leverage it at the start and, later, on the path to wealth building and enriching your life — all thanks to the insights from Giancola and his occasional guests.

Everyone’s Talkin’ Money

Podcast host: Shannah Game

Everyone’s Talkin’ Money reached the top 1% of podcasts about personal finance management with 1,100 episodes and counting. Each is a unique, easy-to-listen-to financial mini-guide that teaches you how to cultivate a healthy money mindset and achieve financial freedom.

Robert Kaskel, chief people officer at Checkr, highlights one of this podcast’s recent episodes: “A must-listen episode from this podcast is about pay transparency and how to stop shying away from discussing money and salaries. A brilliant guest, Hannah Williams, promotes open money talks and pay fairness in employment.”

The Inspired Budget

Podcast host: Allison Baggerly

With The Inspired Budget, Baggerly and her guests inspire women to manage finances confidently and budget wisely. You’ll hear personal finance management stories from such inspiring women as:

  • A trio of travel-hacking moms
  • A business founder
  • A teacher/career coach
  • A financial educator
  • A certified neuroscience coach and international speaker

As Brooke Webber, head of marketing at Ninja Patches, says, “From one woman to another, every podcast guest passes the torch of budgeting wisdom. And I’m so grateful to Allison Baggerly for this personal finance podcast guiding me toward mindful money management and financing the future.”

Money Girl

Podcast host: Laura Adams

On Money Girl, Adams portions the information in bite-sized nuggets, covering such financial topics as budgeting apps, common health savings account mistakes and how to prepare kids for financial freedom.

Volodymyr Shchegel, vice president of engineering at Clario, says, “My journey with this podcast on personal finances began with the episode about money and cybersecurity with guest Adam Levin, author of Swiped: How to Protect Yourself in a World Full of Scammers, Phishers, and Identity Thieves. Since then, I’ve never missed a single episode, not less informative and often eye-opening in many aspects of personal finance.”

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Anthony Martin
CEO and Founder, Choice Mutual

Anthony Martin is CEO and Founder of Choice Mutual. Nationally licensed life insurance agent with 10+ years of experience. Official Member at Forbes Finance Council. Obsessed with finances, building tech and collaborating with other successful entrepreneurs.