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The Best Personal-Finance Products, Services, Resources and Advice of 2017

Here are our top picks for investments, rewards credit cards, budget-friendly travel, cell phone plans and more.

Our annual roundup of top picks is a timely guide for every facet of your financial life: the most-promising investments, rewards cards with the biggest benefits, highest-yielding bank accounts, best bets in travel, phone plans for every profile, great ways to save on health care and more.

Best FAANG-less Tech Stocks

Investors have been captivated by a quintet of technology stocks known as the FAANGs: Facebook,, Apple, Netflix and Google’s parent, Alphabet. The FAANGs may still be strong performers, but they aren’t the only way to make money in tech stocks. Dive deeper in the tech pool for other key players in the tech world. Here are our recommendations.

3 Best International Mutual Funds to Play the Global Economic Recovery

U.S. stocks have trounced their foreign counterparts over the course of the current bull market, but the era of American stock market dominance began to wane this year. Here's where you should look overseas.

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Best Ways to Make the Most of Rising Interest Rates

Signaling confidence in the economy, the Federal Reserve will trim the $4.5 trillion securities portfolio it amassed in the wake of the financial crisis and continue boosting short-term interest rates; we expect two hikes in 2018. Long-term rates will inch higher. Given the Fed’s slow and measured pace, the challenge remains finding decent yields without taking on undue risk. Here's our advice.

Best Ways to Get Free Trades at Online Brokers

Free. What's not to like about it? Learn the ins and outs of trading commission-free and which brokers are ponying up.

Best Values in Tech

Best mobile wallet, best way to power up, best password manager, best smart watch. We have it all, right here.

Best Health Savings Account

HSAs are a tax-friendly way for workers to pay medical bills today and well into retirement. We key you in on where you should turn.

Best Phone Plans for Every Type of User

Whether you are a bargain hunter, data gobbler or somewhere in between, here are our top picks.

Best Benefits of Amazon Prime

You don't need to ask Alexa about the surprising ways to make your premium subscription account go even further. We have it all for you right here.

5 Best Ways for Investors to Play Defense

Help lessen the pain of a stock market downturn by utilizing these strategies.

Best Rewards Credit Cards

What's in your wallet? If you're rolling the right way, it's with these rewards credit cards.

The Best Bank for You

These stellar banks and credit unions are making all the right moves to win satisfied customers.

Best Tax Software for You

The best tax software for you will depend on your sources of income, your need for help, and your budget. We offer some guidance.

Best College Majors for Your Career

Our top majors offer the best shots at success and satisfaction in the workplace, complete with generous incomes and an abundance of job opportunities. Check them out.

Best College Savings Plan

These state-sponsored 529 programs offer tax breaks, low fees and well-managed portfolios. Check them out.


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