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10 States with the Fastest Job Growth

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These 10 states are likely to see the fastest employment gains this year, all topping the 1.9% national average. But not all will see the most job growth. That honor almost always goes to the most populous states, even if their rate of growth is slower. That’s the case this year, with Texas, California and New York. The Empire State, by the way, will be among states with the slowest rates of gain. But two states—Florida and Georgia—will be among both the 10 fastest-growing and the 10 with the biggest gains.

Gains will be spread unevenly, however, with western and southern states generally in the lead, and those in the Northeast lagging behind (several of them growing at only half the average national pace).

On a national level, job growth is finally picking up some steam, with several months of over 200,000 net new jobs created. By the time 2014 winds up, monthly job creation should be running at about 230,000 a month and a total of 2.6 million workers will be added to payrolls over the year—by far the best yearly gain since before the Great Recession. All 50 states are expected to see at least some growth this year. Even with those gains, the jobless rate will continue to hover around 6.3% at year-end.

10 States with the Fastest Job Growth



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