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State-by-State Guide to Taxes

Compare state tax rates and rules -- on income, ordinary purchases, gas, sin products, property, and more -- across the U.S.


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The Bottom Line
Map of Utah

Mixed Tax Picture

The Beehive State moved to a 5% flat income tax system in 2008. Property taxes are low and sales taxes average. A strong score on fiscal stability indcates it's likely to be able to keep things average.

Sales Tax

State levy is 5.95%, including a 1.25% tax that goes to local governments. Localities can add up to an additional 2.15% as well; the combined rate is 6.76%. Food is taxed at 3%.

Income Tax Range

Utah has a flat tax of 5%. Taxpayers are exempt from Utah individual income tax if their federal adjusted gross income is less than or equal to the sum of their federal standard deduction (excluding the extra deduction amounts for taxpayers 65 and older or for blindness) plus their federal exemption amount.

Effective income tax rate: 4.7% single/ 5.0% married.

Motor Fuel Taxes

Gasoline: $0.29 per gallon.
Diesel: $0.29 per gallon.

Property Taxes

The median property tax on Utah's median home value of $215,900 is $1,472.

See’s Retiree Tax Map for details on tax breaks for seniors in Utah.

Vehicle Taxes

Sales tax is due on purchases. A tax based on a passenger vehicle’s age is due on registration.

Sin Taxes

Beer: $0.41 per gallon
Wine: n/a
Liquor: $12.19 per gallon
Utah directly controls the distribution and sale of alcohol. Liquor tax is an estimate by the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States and published by the Tax Foundation.

Cigarettes: $1.83 per pack
Other tobacco products: 86% of manufacturer’s price

Travel Taxes

There is no statewide lodging tax, but localities can levy one. Sales tax (at the local rate) is due. In Salt Lake City this adds up to 12.65%.

Rental cars: 2.5% statewide tax. Counties can add up to 7%.

Taxes On Wireless Service


Inheritance and Estate Taxes

There is no inheritance tax or estate tax.

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