Live-in buddies are bound to face some financial tension, but you can keep the peace and a balanced household budget with a roommate agreement. 8 Reasons You Fight With Your Roommates About Money
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8 Reasons You Fight With Your Roommates About Money


Whether you’re moving out of the dorms for the first time or you’ve been living sans-resident-adviser for a while now, you might consider getting one or more roommates to help cut costs. But sharing a living space can be a minefield of monetary problems.

Sidestep any big blowups by discussing how you’ll address potential problems with your roommate(s) before you even sign a lease. And consider formalizing your chat by creating an official roommate agreement -- signed and notarized, just in case a little spat escalates to a legal battle. Here are eight common causes of cohabitation conflict that you might address in your contract:

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