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9 Great Places to Retire Outside the U.S.



If a seaside cottage or a secluded cabin in Maine doesn't cut it when you envision your dream retirement home, there are plenty of opportunities abroad. You won't be alone: Some statistical measures show increasing numbers of baby boomers are looking to retire in other countries, says Jennifer Stevens, executive editor of International Living. "It's easier than ever to go overseas. The global infrastructure is better, and you can be more connected than ever before, so you're never farther than a Skype call away from your grandkids." Consider that the Social Security Administration sent almost 380,000 checks to retirees living overseas in December 2014, a 1.8% increase from 2013 and nearly a 19% increase from 2009.


There can be benefits to retiring abroad. "Thanks to a strong U.S. dollar and recessed and depressed property markets, this is the best time, perhaps in our lifetimes, to be thinking about owning digs of your own in locations of particular interest to the retiree," according to the 2015 Retire Overseas Index by Live and Invest Overseas, a resource for owning real estate abroad. In many places, you can enjoy a lower cost of living without sacrificing good health care, great weather or modern infrastructure.

This is not to say that picking up and moving out of the country is a snap. You'll need to research visa and residency requirements, safety, language barriers, health coverage, and local activities and amenities. Living as an expat isn’t for everyone.

But with a spare $500,000 -- give or take -- the world is your oyster. We found a log home in Canada, a luxury beachfront resort in the Philippines, and a stone house surrounded by olive trees on the Italian hillside, among others. Prices range from $300,000 to $660,000. Browse these nine properties to see how far your dollars can stretch around the globe.

Except as noted, all prices are in U.S. dollars as of May 12.


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