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10 Amazingly Tiny Apartments


The young adults flocking to urban hubs are increasingly willing to trade dwelling size for a desirable neighborhood, and apartment dimensions and rents are shrinking to meet the demand. The result is a new class of living space: the micro unit, which is tinier than a conventional studio but more self-sufficient than a dorm room.

The term isn’t rigidly defined, but a micro unit generally measures less than 400 square feet and contains a kitchen and bathroom. (Several units in our slide show exceed 400 square feet, but none are bigger than 500 square feet.) Such cozy spaces are popping up in expensive coastal cities such as Boston, San Francisco and Seattle. And buildings are planned for in-demand neighborhoods in Cleveland and Denver. Although some empty-nesters and commuters have adopted these apartments as primary or secondary homes, they are most popular with young professionals who are comfortable living with less.


Take a look at the 10 tiny apartments we’ve rounded up. Could you live in a unit this small?


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