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7 Places That Will Pay You to Live There


People are willing to pay a premium to live in some places. That’s because the most expensive U.S. cities—Boston, New York and San Francisco, to name a few—offer abundant job opportunities in high-paying fields, plus plenty of entertainment options.

But what about the other way around? Will some places pay a premium for you to move or live there? We discovered seven that do. They offer such enticements as free lots, housing allowances, tax rebates and student-loan reimbursement to persuade people to join their communities. Many of these places are small Midwestern towns that have struggled to hang on to their younger residents, who often move elsewhere after college for more opportunities. But a few are bigger cities trying to revitalize their urban cores.


If you’re thinking about moving, consider relocating to a place that wants you enough to pay you to move there. Check them out.

Additional reporting by Meilan Solly.


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