Your Tax Burden Calculator
Tool | February 2020

How Your Income Stacks Up

Are you in the top 25% of all earners? The top 10%? Plus, find out what portion of the tax burden you bear according to your income status.

Using data released by the IRS, Kiplinger has built a tool to show your income status compared to your fellow Americans. The income breakdowns are based on adjusted gross income (AGI) reported on 2017 tax returns — the latest statistics available.

Enter your income* to see how your income stacks up and what portion of the tax burden you bear:


* Enter your AGI from your most recent tax return. If using your 2019 return, you'll find it on line 8b.
If using your 2018 return you'll find it on line 7. Or enter your annual salary (the IRS categories are broad enough that your result will likely be the same).

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