Richard P. Himmer, PhD

Richard P. Himmer, PhD

Managing Director, Madrona Financial & CPAs

Dr. Richard Himmer is a seasoned professional with expertise in Emotional Intelligence (EI), Clinical Hypnotherapy and Workplace Bullying prevention. He holds an MBA, a master’s degree in psychology and a PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. He combines academic knowledge with practical experience.

His doctoral dissertation focused on the Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Workplace Bullying, showcasing his commitment to understanding and addressing complex workplace dynamics. Dr. Himmer leverages the subconscious (EI) to facilitate internal healing, fostering healthy interpersonal relationships built on trust and respect.

With a unique blend of humor and a profound understanding of human behavior, relationships, team dynamics, and client care, Dr. Himmer provides hands-on tools for personal and team growth. His ability to make sense of intricate psychological concepts translates into effective coaching and guidance.

As an accomplished author, he has penned four books: "Listen & Lead: The Micro Skills of a Leader," "Listen & Lead: The Micro Skills of a Leader – Workbook," "Models & Definitions: A Contextual Understanding of Finding Happiness" and “How ‘NOT’ To Retire: A Psychological Approach to a Healthy & Wealthy Retirement” (workbook).

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