Brain Games to Keep You Sharp

Financial Planning for Alzheimer's

Brain Games to Keep You Sharp

At Kiplinger, we like to joke that much of our content is like broccoli. That is, rebalancing your portfolio or updating your homeowner's policy may not be the most exciting part of your day, but you know our trusted guidance is good for you and your bottom line.

Well, then, here's your dessert -- fun online games specifically designed to keep your mind sharp as you age. Play them as a reward for first digesting several helpings of retirement-planning advice. Or, perhaps better yet, play them as a warmup to get your brain ready to absorb and retain the valuable guidance across Kiplinger brings you the games via Lumosity, one of many companies now developing games with the help of neuroscientists and the promise of enhancing brain functions the more you play. The games are free for you to play here at

Word Bubbles

The Word Bubbles brain game seeks to sharpen your language skills. In this highly addictive game, test your vocabulary by completing words -- as many as you can in 60 seconds -- that begin with three starter letters.


The Rain Drops brain game seeks to enhance your problem-solving skills by challenging you with a torrent of quick math questions.


Lost in Migration

The Lost in Migration brain game seeks to sharpen your ability to focus and increase your productivity by challenging you to identify patterns and shapes within flocks of migratory birds flying across your screen.

Speed Match

The Speed Match brain game seeks to improve your ability to process information and react quickly by challenging you to recognize matching patterns in a fast-moving series of graphics.

Memory Matrix

The Memory Matrix brain game seeks to boost your memory by challenging you to a new twist on the old game of Concentration. It gets harder in a hurry!