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8 Great Dividend Mutual Funds

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Funds that hold dividend-paying stocks aren't just a safer harbor in troubled times. The best of these mutual funds offer exposure to some of the strongest companies and some of the steadiest value-minded managers, qualities that tend to pay off over the long haul.

"Dividends provide a sense of security," says Barry Fennell, senior research analyst at fund tracker Lipper. He points to a variety of studies showing that reinvested dividends are a major component of stock market returns.

Our search for some of the best dividend mutual funds insisted on low investing minimums, no load charges, reasonable expenses, and a combination of attractive yields and above-average returns, both in the short term (over the past 12 months) as well as the long run (the past 10 years, with one exception for a fund that launched in late 2009). We found eight worthy and diverse funds for your portfolio.

*All yields and returns are as of June 18. Yields were calculated by adding up a fund's distributions over the past year and dividing the total by a fund's net asset value.

8 Great Dividend Mutual Funds



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