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10 Ways Retirement Will Be Different in 2030

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Social Security is a critical source of retirement income. Yet, by 2030 the trust that helps fund benefits for retirees will be nearly depleted. Once the trust money dries up completely—the projected date is 2034—income from payroll deductions will only cover 77% of retirees' full monthly benefits.

Shrinking Social Security benefits represent one way retirement could be radically different in the future. There are many others. Rapid advances in technology, from smart homes to smarter smartphones, will reshape health care, transportation, aging in place and even shopping for future retirees.

Forecasting the future isn’t easy, but The Kiplinger Letter has been up to the task for nearly a century. Here’s a closer look at tech trends that will revolutionize the way retirees live by the year 2030. Get a glimpse of the future of retirement today.

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